Not only will there be a little bit of change, when it comes to content. There will also be a little less posts for the next four weeks.

The “why” behind all this, is what I wanted to address in this blogpost.

What’s going to be new?

First I wanted to clarify, why there is going to be some change on my blog. I started my blog, because I wanted to share content about makeup and beauty. The last few weeks I realized, while also talking to some friends, that’s not my main content anymore. And that’s what’s going to change. I want to focus on makeup and beauty again, which also means, there will be less posts, as it’s way more time consuming, but the content will be a lot more helpful for you guys.

What do you think about this change? Let me know in the comment section below!

Why the change?

As already said, the change is necessary for me, to produce great content, as this is my profession. I love to style outfits and you will still get some outfit posts, but there’s going to be a new feature with them. Stay tuned for that!

What’s going on in October?

Well, October, for me, is basically a whole month of being on set of a film production called Luisa. Luisa is a short film production, where I’m going to do makeup and hair for about four weeks, with breaks in between of course. This set is a project started from a group of colleges of mine. We are about 20 people on set and it’s going to be fun, but it’s also consuming me and my time in October and I won’t be able to post regularly.

Also, I wanted to mention, we have a crowdfunding going on for the movie and it would be awesome, if you would donate a few Euros. You would totally help us out, as this project is based on the money of the main team! And it’s way easier to produce something really cool, when you have a little bit more money to spend on good equipment and of course the best makeup. – Luisa Crowdfunding

When will I be back?

Well, I will not be gone for good for 4 weeks straight. There will be a hand full of posts still, also a halloween tutorial – that’s going to be fun! But I will be back with regularly posting from November the 6th on. And I will be posting 2-3 times a week.

I hope you all understand the fact, that sometimes my blog has not priority Nr. 1 and respect that I will try my best to post as many content as possible.

Let me know if you donated for our project, would be cool to see who’s interested in our project!?