This is my second video for the NYX face awards and it’s my Top 15 entry on the topic vintage dolls. When I thought about vintage doll the first thought I had was probably a thought everyone would have, a typical doll, long hair, big eyes and so on. But as I wanted to do something, which maybe not everyone thought of, I kept brainstorming. After a day of research and brainstorm it suddenly hit me. A vintage doll cast out of one shape. So that’s what I did, but see for yourself!

In the video you can see my entry for the top 15 nyx face awards on the topic vintage doll. Like last time – It’s creepy and if you get scared easily, don’t watch it at night!

Nyx Face Awards Top 15 Vintage Doll

For me dolls are always kind of creepy, don’t you think? Now of course mine needed to be a little creepy as well. I molded myself some new hair, picked clothes which are actually handmade by my grandma (which turned 90 last week) and gave myself a little make over to represent my version of a vintage doll. She’s a little rough and definitely not a perfect little princess. But that’s exactly what I wanted.

vintage doll

To produce the intro I had the opportunity to film in a shop in Salzburg provided by Salzburg Stadt and the super initiative. Thanks again for making it possible and also making this video even more fun and creepy of course.

The final result you can see in the video and for some product details, check the list down below.

vintage doll vintage doll

Products I’ve used:

Bald Cap – Kryolan Glatzan bald cap

Glue – Kryolan Pros Aid

Powder – Kryolan Face Powder

Foundation – NYX Total Control Drops pale & Mac Fix Fluid NW 10

Highlight – SFX Cream Colour white

Contouring – Micro Contour Duo Pencil light & Conceal Correct Contour Palette & Pro Contour & Highlight Palette

Blush – Ombre Blush feel the heat & HD Blush down to earth

Eyeshadow – Pro Contour & Highlight Palette & Intuitive Contour jewel queen

Brows – Strictly Vinly Eyeliner alliance

Lips – Retractable Lipliner & Lip Suede Cream Lipstick life’s a beach

Mascara – Loreal Paradise

Contact Lenses – Kryolan Big Eye blue

* All the products by NYX professional makeup are provided by them. If you want to see, what else I got, I did a little video on that too. Thanks again for sending the products threw to make this video super cool and easy to do!

vintage doll

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Photos & Videographer: Solymár Photography

Light & Videographer: Maximilian Obermair

Art Direction: Kerstin Maria Gatterbauer