Carnival – the time of the year everybody is allowed to go crazy and dress up as what ever they want & be what ever they want to be!

For me carnival is a child memory, I loved to dress up ever since I was a little girl. Dancing, party, costumes and makeup was my thing. Being a princess, genie or a which. Dancing like Michael Jackson and sleeping like a baby after the party. Now carnival, also after I lived in Switzerland for 3 years, I can’t handle it anymore. I love to dress up, I love makeup, but still, the parties take place without me. I guess it’s because I turn myself in so many different figures all year around, that it’s not necessary at carnival.

Although when I was asked to do some makeup looks for besserwasser for carnival I was really exited! As I said, I love to try out different looks and I’m my most used canvas, as Im always around.

We decided to do some “last-minute” easy to do looks from two snapchat filters. The first one – everybody could guess that – needed to be the puppy face, as everybody loves that one, including me. As the second one we choose the pop art filter – which was really fun to do, and I do love the 60s, so it actually was the perfect look for me.

So now a little background about the shoot and the makeup itself. Basically you just need a few little things for this look and this what makes it so simple at the end.

First things first, as you can see on the pictures, I changed my hair color. Yes, for the shoot, as I thought it would match great with besserwasser and their signature color pink. And also I think I’m not able to leave the pink completely.

So for the puppy look I already did my foundation and eyes, as they are not part of the look, but necessary for a allover coherent feeling. Starting with the nose of the dog filter, I first of all sketched out the outline of the nose. Important here is, to try to get both sides even. As with everything, nobody is symmetrical, so it’s a bit tricky, that’s why sketching it out is really important and needs time and patience. After the outline, I filled the cheeks with a light brown, left the highest point already blank, to set a highlight. Then the nose itself needed some color and shadows with different shades of brown and black.

The ears and tongue I cut out of paper and colored them with eyeshadow as well. You can fix it with hairspray so it lasts even longer. First look sounds pretty easy, the only important thing is to be patient and don’t rush on the shadowing and blending. But otherwise it’s fast and easy to do, and so cute!

For the second look – the pop art – I basically just used water activated colors. I used the aqua color from Kryolan. And for the base to set it I used white eyeshadow.

Starting with the white water based color, I put it all over my face and as I said, setting it with white eyeshadow. For the details I used black, blue and white for highlight. The black color is for eyebrows and expression marks all over the face. For the eyeshadow I also used water activated colors in black, blue and white. Underneath one eye for the tears I first sis the outlines for my tears, filled them with blue and highlighted them with white. After all was dry I touched up a few white details and the outlines in black.

For a special effect use false eyelashes. As my lashes are really long I just used mascara. And last but not least I did my lips with the liquid lipstick American Doll from Anastasia Beverly Hills, so it stays put all night long. And added a few white highlights with the water activated color.

I really do love, when I can be a little crazy with my makeup and loved to work with besserwasser for this looks. If you want to see the tutorials go over to the besserwasser fb page here!

If you want to know more about the brand bwt and what’s behind the pink magnesium mineralizer, go on their website!

Photos: Theresa Kaindl

Agency: LOA Studio