I want to share some thoughts with you, regarding beauty makeup and creative makeup in general. As you might already know, I’m doing creative beauty makeup workshops now and that’s also a reason, why I do think about makeup and especially beauty makeup even more. My workshop is on creative makeup, because that’s what I love to do and also think that’s where I can help people in the industry the most. I simply create. That’s important to me. And sometimes these looks are weird, but weird can be so beautiful too.

That’s something I had to learn. Beauty has so many aspects and to be you in makeup means to see you and be you. I am weird and crazy and even cringy sometimes, but over the years I excepted it and not only. I learn that that’s what makes me special and unique and that’s also what makes my work and looks unique. Because I’m the only one which is in my head, creating this weird makeup looks.

Also I use makeup as a part of therapy, I already talked about this a longer time ago here on my blog. When I’m down, not feeling the greatest or just need some me-time, I sit in my studio on my makeup table and just try some weird stuff on my face. I love to simply create. It’s hard to explain, but I put on my favorite jam, get all my fun makeup stuff, like glitter, glosses and all the great colors and simply create.

In the video I let you be part of a situation like this. I didn’t feel the greatest and just wanted to play a little with makeup and this black-red weirdness originated. After I was finished with the look I felt much better and also did destroy it completely with more color and water. I will but in a picture of this look down below too, so you can see what I mean.

Products I’ve used:

Eyeshadow – NYX In Your Element Fire Palette; NYX Lid Lacquer black; Glisten Cosmetics black glitter

Lips – Yes to LipoilNYX In Your Element Fire Palette

weird beauty makeup

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Do you also use makeup or anything else as a therapy, when you have sad days? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear you thoughts!