Why I exercise?

Well, I started exercising a few years ago, because my former boyfriend said I should, that wasn’t a good reason at all. And guess what, with this wrong mindset, also my body was in a not so good setting.

But now I must say, I exercise because I love to be strong, powerful and love to feel my muscles. The feeling of an energetic body, lifting things easier and most of all a strong mind makes working out so important to me. Of course I also like the effect it has on a optical point of view, but in particular the mental health is what keeps me going. I have many reasons why I love working out, some of them I already told you in a recent post and I must say, these points have not changed. I need my workout for my back and also for having an all over good feeling about me. When I stop working out, not only the pain comes back, also my anxiety, but that’s a whole other topic.

Exercising should be a part of the life in a way that makes you happy and healthy at the same time, for me that means doing my home workout 3 times a week and maybe going for a fun every now and than. I love to exercise by myself, be with me and my body and enjoy the time off. Before I started studying I always went to the gym four times a week for about 1,5 hours. That’s not what I’m into anymore.

Now I feel more flexible with fitting my exercise in, when I simply lay out my mat and start my computer and workout. Sometimes, when I’m really stressed out and my mind doesn’t won’t to slow down, I put a 20 minute meditation after my workout to shut off all the thoughts that stress me out. It really helps to keep me calm and also focused for the day.

Always remember why you work out and for whom you do it!