working out in a healthy way

I want to give you a little backstory about my fitness life – If you want to call it so…

As a teen and in my first years of working and being independent I didn’t care about, what I ate and how much and working out wasn’t a thing back then. For me gym class was the worse, although I had a lot of problems with my spine and my hip when I was about 16. Still I hated to work out and my therapy workout plan ended the day I should have started. I was really a lazy teen and I guess I’m still a bit.

But when I went to Switzerland and worked a lot, I needed to change something. My spine still hurt from time to time and my knee started hurting as well. So I finally, with 20, started to workout and actually in a really proper way. I went to a gym 4 days a week, at least an hour, started to eat healthy and cook my own food and no more fast food. That’s when my body started to change a lot!

Yes first I was sore the whole time – my body didn’t know what was going on –  but than I started to see changes. I noticed that my knee didn’t hurt that often anymore, walking and especially getting up stairs became so much easier. Also my back got more stable which actually helped a lot for my work. And what I also noticed was, that my stomach got flat, my abs were showing and my butt grew in a positive way, as well as my cellulite decreased over the first months and I felt so good about it. After a while and because of the negative influence of my so called boyfriend at that time I started to get a negative body image. I hated different parts of my body because they didn’t look the way I wanted them to look. My body changed a lot, but I didn’t see it anymore. I almost had no cellulite, my butt was in perfect shape, I had a sixpack – I was in really good shape. Still I was really unhappy and negative against my body, which (now I know) had a lot to do with the person on my side. Still, I couldn’t stop working out. I went to the gym 4 times a week about 1.5h – 2h, lifted weight and did classes.

But then I got sick, couldn’t work out at all, for about 2 weeks. I totally stopped working out, after I went on a regular bases for more than a year. The first few days I thought I needed to go back, I needed my workout, I needed the sensation my muscles get while working out. But after 1,5 weeks I didn’t think about going back at all, I felt cozy at home on my couch after work, I loved the extra time I had. Basically I went back to lazy!

Now, after a few weeks the pain came back…

Still I didn’t go back to the gym, my motivation was gone for good and stayed lost until I got back to Austria in 2013. As I came back I found a gym next to my new company and started working out again. That lasted about six to ten months when I stopped again. And guess what – the pain came back… again!

Now that I turned 26, I thought about all the ups and downs working out brought me. Took a few moments with myself and started something like a real talk with me 🙂

I realized, there are certain steps in my life, I always stop working out. Either it’s because I feel really depressed or I’m really happy. Either way, I realized, I need to stop that sh*t. I need to work on myself and my motivation! And that’s what I did. I started working out again about 2 weeks ago. And I’m neither depressed nor unhappy. I’m more than happy and with the fact that I started my workout again I get happier and happier everyday I notice I made another day.

Well, now there is also another point were I tend to start working out – when I’m not proud of my body anymore. When I know I can do better and I can look and feel the way I want to, if I do something! And let’s be serious, a little workout 3-4 times a week is only 5% of our day – and we should have the time to take this “off-time” and do something for ourself! Thats what I do know – I think positive about it, do not stress myself to much and try to live it in a healthy and still relaxed way! Because I tend to stress myself about my body and how it looks, my butt, because I do have one of a kind, my waist, because it could be thinner at my size and my legs as they could be more toned. But guess what – that’s not getting better by talking about it and being unhappy, it’s only changing, when you are changing something. I changed something – my attitude!

My attitude against me and my body – so I can be happy!

That’s what it should make you – happy!

What are you doing for your workout? Are you happy with your body and if not – why?


photos: @solymar photography